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Why outsourcing to AMROMED is the best solution for your Medical Healthcare Practice?

In the recent 2 decades medical billing outsourcing as a service has grown tremendously in popularity for a whole variety of reasons. In-house medical billing teams are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past, as facilities look for ways to increase their clinical space while also reducing their fixed overhead to align better with unpredictable patient visit, volume and collections.

We at AMROMED LLC understands just how important it is to process claims quickly and efficiently for reimbursement by the insurance payors, and also collect outstanding balances by sending patient statements. Failure to process medical billing claims quickly or on time and accurately will impose a detriment to revenue cycles as the accounts are plagued with unpaid claims and low collection rates.

AMROMED has been providing private practice medical billing, and provider credentialing services to healthcare facilities since 2012. An outsourced service provides the flexibility of having medical billing experts but at a variable expense ratio with round the clock service tied to the actual amount of net collections.

Here are few pivotal advantages associated with outsourcing your medical billing services to revenue cycle specialists:

Save A Considerable Amount Of Finances

It's a golden thumb rule that outsourcing any service will typically lead to financial savings due to companies not having to worry about providing fixed expenses such as monthly salaries, payroll taxes and benefits to full-time employees; and these savings are compounded further when you take into consideration the time savings and headaches often associated with managing a billing department (i.e. recruiting, training, staff-turnover, managing staff, schedules, PTO, etc.)

In the past we have had general surveys that prove healthcare leaders all across the country have been stretching themselves thin with in-house billing teams, as teams have been dismantled with layoffs/furloughs due to low patient visits or unable to handle high volume increase of patients and if the same billing team would be able to claim in the given time, which is why our various service fee offered by Amromed LLC specialists is so appealing.

The various billing fees paid to a medical billing service will always end up being much less than the costs associated with staffing an entire team to perform the exact same tasks.

Increases Cash Flow And More Collections of Claims

We understand how in-house medical billing teams can sometimes tend to put pending or immediate claims on the backburner while staff is tasked to put out immediate fires. Busy schedules, short staffing and patient care demands are understandably often a higher priority than medical billing, so it’s understandable how in-house teams can have their medical billing fall behind and be less effective than partnering with a professional medical billing company.

All our medical billing specialists at AMROMED ABA billing are consistently working with a striving goal towards maintaining billing and increasing the cash flow efficiency for each and every client. We value our-self for having a highly experienced team of medical billers and certified professional coders that spend countless hours of experience not only working on one account but many accounts, which provides for increased experiences to shape each specialist into an expert status.

Another great factor is as we work outside your clinical practice in different timelines and zones, it allows us to solely focus on the biggest task in hand which is the medical billing and claims intern generating a 24hours backend support with a less turnaround time.

We Don't Make Mistakes

Our expertise allows us to guarantee that your claims will always undergo a thorough and efficient submission process using best practice workflows which translate into the highest paid reimbursements.

There is no question for any error or mistakes to take place as we understand any mistake within medical billing and coding can lead to a whole array of issues that are always best to be avoided, and our AMROMED specialists will always be less likely to make mistakes. This is mainly because our team of medical billing specialists are pretty much experts at what they do as they are only performing medical billing; and by being located outside the office they can’t get pulled into solving other important tasks that appear in a clinical setting.

Rejected or denied claims are also a huge on-going issue to occur in every setting. Using experts like us will minimize this while also increasing the success rate for collection on rejected claims!

Your Only Focus Will Result In “Patient Satisfaction”

When it comes to improving a healthcare facility’s overall productivity, outsourcing your medical billing may be just what the doctor ordered. The outsourcing advantage is numerous, especially important for healthcare facilities who might commit an error while coding and billing services with patient care tasks (front desk, answering phones, medical assistant, etc.).

It’s never a good result when your billing staff needs to multitask their time between important duties, because this will inevitably lead to detracting from performing medical billing at the highest and best outcomes. The best benefit is that your team will have a lot more time to dedicate to your patients, which undoubtedly will result in an improved patient care and satisfaction!

We Guarantee Maximum Reimbursements

AMROMED hires only go-getters and industry experts . We don't hire average billers to do our work. Our various staffs in different departments are composed of experts who are assigned to only one specific component within the revenue cycle, and this ensures that the work is performed in the most optimal manner.

If you do a bit of mental math, the difference between an average biller and an expert is significant. For example, an average biller might perform payment posting one day of the week, which equates to approx. 400 hours per year. In a specialist setting, we have a payment poster that performs payment posting all day, every day so in one year this equates to 2,000 hours, which is 5x more experience than a general biller within a one-year timeframe.

Expand these equations to our typical staff person who has at least 5 years of specialized experience and this now equates to 25x more experience than a general biller.

Wanna Learn More :

We At AMROMED ABA Medical Billing OFFER For A No Strings Attached Free DEMO For Your Company

We at AMROMED LLC understand that many factors affect healthcare facilities which need to evaluate when deciding if outsourced medical billing is right for them.

However, AMROMED ABA billing has a staggering amount of live consulting examples that increased revenues for every single client while also eliminating all of the headaches associated with medical billing.

At AMROMED, you will have a personal dedicated account manager who will work directly with you and your team to guarantee efficient, accurate and optimized processing of billing and coding information. We are known for providing a 100% focused dedication to ensure our clients reap the rewards of working with us as our payment system doesn't start till you haven't made your cost!

Please reach us online or call us @ 909-907-0789 to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we can bring your facility’s revenue to new heights.


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