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ABA Benefit Verification

Verification Of Benefits & Eligibility

There could be multiple reasons behind ABA billing on every Insurance Verification, but one major drawback could be the quality of output that each ABA billing gives. If your patients list has any traps or any kind of procedure then your ABA billing deliverability will suffer and that will pull down your revenue cycle level. First, streamline the intake paperwork gathered from ABA families. While each ABA Billing Company may seem to have its own set of rules. Be mindful that ABA families often fill out countless reams of paper when going through the diagnosis and ABA treatment process with a child. While this information is necessary, try not to add anything extra to the ABA needs.

ABA Billing Benefit Verification:

We’ll verify the ABA billing client benefits before any insurance submissions. So our team will focus on caring for all your ABA Billing clients and you continue to be confident that you’ll get paid for your ABA billing services.

ABA Billing Authorizations:

Let our ABA Billing team make sure you get paid on time, every time. Not only will we complete appropriate criteria sheets and authorization forms for you, but we’ll also contact the ABA insurance companies for you to obtain approval for your ABA Billing authorization request.

Your intake with ABA Billing process can certainly vary to best fit your practice. However, once it’s time to move forward, getting the paperwork in place before any services are rendered will help your business stay on top of it.

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