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ABA Credentialing & Enrollment

“All in One”

Handling a time-consuming task like ABA credentialing requires a dedicated team, paying attention to every detail by ABA credentialing specialists. ABA providers are needed around the country particularly ones that can accept insurance because 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism in the United States. Amromed’s ABA credentialing team comprises of dedicated handpicked, Efficient, Trusted and well-experienced staff keeping in mind that the process is Robust, Documented, Controlled and Error Proofed and ABA Credentialing involves Sensitive and Confidential information and documentation.


We ensure that timely follow-ups and constant monitoring is done, making sure that the Applications are received and processed by the Payers on time. Our team of ABA Credentialing Specialists work around the clock reducing chances of negative impact on your reimbursement.

A few of our Credentialing features include:

  • Reducing revenue leakage as much as possible

  • Building relationships with different payers around the states

  • CAQH Provider Application and Credentialing support

  • Offering real-time information pertaining to credentialing and enrollment transactions

  • Avoiding hectic paperwork and filling-up application forms

Today Credentialing is an almost necessary task to run successful practices. Day by day people is avoiding mental health professionals that don’t accept their insurance and seeking IN-Network ABA providers that allow their insurances to pay for Mental Health Services.

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