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ABA Billing Business Consultation

Evidenced-based practices and evidence-informed decision making

Mental health practitioners have the unique opportunity to advance their practices given the increased needs for quality healthcare options both in breadth and in-depth while making your model more efficient and effective.  


This requires a strategic approach and mindset, leveraging technology both to advance the business and clinical techniques; actualizing new ideas; expanding your business model, understanding the social market, developing relationships and formalizing smooth processes. 


However, running mental health or educational company is time-consuming and often we are untrained in the business aspect required to grow.  Therefore you may find that your ideas become shelved because of lack of time and lack of strategic support.  


With a masters in Administration and Clinical practice, we have had opportunities to manage and grow programs, schools and companies over the last 11 years and I have seen incredible momentum and excitement for innovation and expansion of great programs.

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