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ABA Billing

An Exceptional Team For All ABA Agencies Across The States

        With a team of World Class ABA billers who answer all your queries, handling both electronic and paper claim submissions.  Our ABA billing team ensures to take the load off your shoulders by taking all necessary steps required to give you a smooth flow of your ABA Billing needs. Our sources with major insurance companies give us an upper hand in avoiding any unpaid and denied claims resulting in timely returns and reimbursements of your revenue at a comparatively higher percentage.

We take pride in providing you with nothing but top-notch services by making sure all follow-ups pertaining to payment collections, invoices and patient statements are sent out without any delays keeping you in the loop with your ABA billing always.

With a personal touch of comprehensive reports corresponding to follow-ups regarding your account ledgers and claims with insurance companies and funding sources, Amromed has proven methodologies and solutions for all your ABA Billing needs.

More Money, Much Faster

With Amromed ABA Billing Team you will get paid MORE MONEY, MUCH FASTER than you are accustom to. No more delays, no more excuses. Your patients will appreciate the financial care we provide. Moreover, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to speed up reimbursement and keep your monthly cash flow in high gear with the fastest RCM coding process in the industry.

  • We are better than the current industry standards.

  1. 98% of the collection recovery rate from processed billing 

  2. 20% improvement adjudication of total charges

  3. 30% faster to payments 

  • Specialty-specific, computer-assisted coding

  • Streamlined physician/provider credentialing

  • Elite clean claim status & reporting

  • Dedicated and highly trained patient balance services from Day 1, fully integrated with the entire revenue cycle process

Are you ready to streamline your revenue cycle process?

We have over a decade of proven results; our ABA RCM services increase cash flows and higher patient satisfaction results for our clients. We look forward to serving you and your patients with the same level of commitment.

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