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How to Select the Best ABA/ Therapy-based Medical Billing Company?

Medical Billing for ABA/ therapy-based practices is comprehensive and complex, making it difficult for ABA / therapy-based practices to handle both patient care and Revenue Cycle Management In-house. Therefore Outsourcing works best for ABA / therapy-based practices Practice, however, choosing the right Medical Billing Partner is the key to the success of the practice and patient care.

If you are looking for a guide to choosing the best ABA / therapy-based practices billing Company, this article helps understand the issues of ABA / therapy-based practices billing and the expertise to look out for when selecting your Billing Partner.

Issues of ABA / Therapy-Based Practices Billing

ABA / therapy-based practices Billing and Coding needs to follow a myriad of rules and regulations as listed below making it the most complex specialty:

  • The fee schedule for ABA / therapy-based practices Billing is calculated based on units and time which turns out to be the most crucial and complex part.

  • Proper documentation of the units of ABA / therapy-based practices administered and the time spent by the provider is a mandatory requirement to process the ABA / therapy-based practices claim.

  • Modifiers play a major role in determining the charge value of the claim

  • Concurrency of cases and time calculation is a prime factor to be documented, Biller needs to evaluate prior to charge entry

  • Reimbursement differs for Medical Direction and medical supervision.

Now that we are aware of ABA / therapy-based practices Billing nuances and the skills required by Billers and coders let us try to understand the best approach in choosing an ABA /Therapy-based practices Medical Billing Company.

By choosing the best partner in billing and coding services, Physicians and Medical Practices will be able to render undivided focus toward patient care and business expansion! However, things might turn out to be a nightmare if due research and time are not spent before fixing upon your billing partner, therefore it is of paramount importance for any physician to know what to look for before investing in an outsourcing company.

Know the basics about your Medical Billing Company

  • Check if the Billing Company has the experience and expertise to handle ABA / therapy-based practices as their top specialty.

  • Look out for years of experience in relevant fields and specialties. Medical Billing companies can claim to have multi-specialty expertise, however, it is crucial to analyze specifically if they are expertise in ABA / therapy-based practices billing.

  • As a general rule of thumb, verify the Medical Billing Company is HIPAA Compliant for safe and secure PHI

  • Thorough research about the billing company, their credibility, and reviews are key factors that ensure their reputation in the market helps in many ways.

Information to Request and get verified before shortlisting your Medical Billing Partner

  • Request for Client Reference from their current ABA / therapy-based practices-based clients to understand their work quality and guaranteed ROI.

  • Question about their adeptness with upgraded tools and technologies and if their infrastructure is AI-driven and automated.

  • Ask to know about their staff counts in each scope, majorly the number of certified coders and ABA / therapy-based practices -specialized billers. Check out if they have the capability or backup to handle unpredicted volume fluctuation of claims

  • Transparent and clear communication on pricing and proof of guaranteed ROI.


Amromed is a 15+ years old medical billing company serving hundreds of physicians across the US. ABA / therapy-based practices are one of the top specialty services provided by Amromed. With Amromed as your Revenue Cycle Management partner, your profit will increase as we have the infrastructure and expertise to handle your entire RCM process. Amromed with its experienced team guarantee streamlined billing services. To know more about Amromed and our services call 1(844)-440-1844 or log on to


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