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How Credentialing is done right!!

The task of searching for the right physician for your practice could be a challenging scenario. It often leaves most practices exhausted with the whole process by the time they get to physician credentialing. Mistakes made during this step within the RCM process can create scheduling problems, creating a consequence that touches every step in your practice’s revenue flow.

Physician credentialing is an utmost criteria when assessing a successful revenue cycle management flow. These practices exert effort to make sure that there are best practices put in situ to ensure a quick , efficient outcome.

Below are some definite must DO’s for a successful RCM flow management:

Correct Initiation of Process

Most common ABA culture would suggest a 90 days is enough time to urge the method to start and complete, but its a wrong advice. We recommend playing it safe—starting your process 150 days beforehand to offer yourself many times just in case of process hiccups or unforeseen setbacks.

Double Check & Priority Listing Helps :-

It’s essential to coach your staff to gather the required information. Rather than chasing breadcrumbs of data over time, give your team a checklist with the specified information in order that they can gather it upfront.

Being Updated is the Key :-

Incorrect or outdated information needs to be updated at the earliest so that there is no lag in information.

Investigate Claims that are deemed Malpractice :-

During your experience review of an applicant, you would possibly find information on settlements, closed suits, or malpractice claims. While this information doesn’t always indicate a red flag, it’s good practice to use an additional layer of scrutiny to make sure maximum efficiency.

Requirement of Superior References :-

We recommend requesting three peer references from same-specialty physicians, who aren't relatives nor current members of an equivalent practice. These standards should be set forth for peer references, and be sure to deliver on point requests clearly to applicants.

Outsourcing is REWARDING!

That’s why most modern healthcare organizations outsource their RCM tasks like physician credentialing to Amromed, your one-stop solution for end-to-end revenue cycle management. Our experts can lead, track, investigate till they reach an optimal solution .

If you’d like to strengthen your RCM process and improve cash flow, the physician credentialing experts at Amromed LLC are your to go team. Whether you would like help with physician credentialing or your entire RCM process, our healthcare billing professionals are able to help.

If you have any questions about provider credentialing issue for your practice or how to maximize your reimbursement, contact us today for a free consultation at 909-907-0789​ or email me at


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