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ABA Therapy & ABA Billing

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy commonly known as ABA therapy is a technique being used to improve the behavior of people having certain disabilities that include autism, OCD, phobias, dementia, and other medical conditions. This therapy is mostly used on young people and people under the age of 20. The affected individual is assessed by the therapist and then after a series of a detailed interactive session, a plan is made and implemented to cure the patient by studying its behavior and surroundings.

This treatment is not only done at the therapist clinic but most of the therapy sessions are done at home and the therapists do regular tele sessions with the patients to keep them comfortable. Teletherapy is an interesting technique in which the therapist and the patient communicate via video conferencing that makes it easy for both parties to regularly attend the therapy.

Our company Amromed is a well-known medical billing company that focusses on ABA therapy and ABA billing. ABA billing is a special process of billing for ABA therapy that uses the American medical association to set CPT billing codes for different behavior services. These codes have been set defined by the health care systems to make the cure a bit east by relaxing the payments and payment modes.

We as an ABA billing company ensures that our customers are comfortable and tension-free when giving consultation and therapy to their patients, thus we take care of their finances. We ensure the following:

· Transparent cash flow

· Our collaboration with insurance companies assure timely payments and reimbursements of your revenue at a comparatively good percentage

· We move with the ever-changing market and economy

· We provide utmost support to your clinic and organization to help you deliver the best services

· We help to maintain a friendly bond between you and your patients by keeping the monetary cycle going.

With the increasing trend of tele sessions on ABA therapy in the US, therapists are hiring ABA billing companies to help themselves and their customers financially. Teletherapy has helped the therapist to connect with their patients easily while being away from them. It also helps them to cover more people in less time. Thus technology is playing its part in making the healing process quicker and better.

Therefore more and more medical professionals and therapists are focusing their business on ABA billing techniques to streamline their payment processes. So what are you waiting for? If you are an ABA therapist and looking to hire an agency to manage your revenues, just write to us at the following email and our dedicated team of professionals is present to answer your all queries. You can also call us directly at the below-mentioned number.


NJ: 609-993-0789

CA: 909-907-0789

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