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ABA Scheduling & ABA Billing Software

Focus on what really matters, your clients. Problems solved with just a click!

Do you find it difficult to manage your therapy clinic while finding the right solutions for your patients? Do you feel burdened due to all the scheduling, billing, documentation, management and feel drained when it comes to handling your patients?

Imagine all of these problems solved with just a click while you pay all your attention to your patients! Sounds like magic, right? Well, now you can do this magic with Curismed!

Stop wasting your precious time on the management and use all your energy for creating personalized solutions for your patients. Curismed is the ultimate practice management software that streamlines and integrates your major clinic tasks while you get all the time to focus on the real things – your patients. It integrates your scheduling, billing, and reporting so that you save your precious time and help your bottom line. This is how it works:

The scheduling feature organizes your appointments while you can access it from anywhere, anytime. The automatic reminder system sends reminder texts, emails, and phone calls automatically that save your time and reduces no-shows. So, schedule your meetings with one or several therapists without the fear of conflicts, rates, as well as CPT codes.

The billing feature helps to maximize your claims since the information is gained from the same software so the accuracy is 100%. In addition, running payroll is made effortless without any hassle.

Generating reports for getting insights is quicker and easier due to the customizable templates that help you create treatment plans, set your goals, and evaluations while adding your self-notes as well. The EMR documentation is always ready to be printed or delivered electronically whenever an audit takes place.

Curismed is available as a mobile app, is HIPPA compliant, and easy to use when it comes to collections and payments. Integrate and streamline your therapy practice tasks now!

Curismed is offering a 1-month free trial to help you with your decision. You can cancel at any time with no strings attached. This ultimate all-in-one therapy clinic tool will manage your day-to-day operations effortlessly with guaranteed data and time efficiency enabling you to focus on your patients.


Get started with Curismed NOW!

ABA Scheduling Software
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